New Diversity Recruitment Initiative and the Hot Metal Bridge Program

The Hot Metal Bridge Program at the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh is a two-semester post-baccalaureate fellowship program for students who will help us meet... View »

Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings will be held at Pitt on November 3 – 5, 2017

We are pleased to announce that the Department of Economics at Pitt will be hosting the Midwest Macroeconomics Meetings on November 3 – 5, 2017. The program committee includes our macro faculty (... View »

Professor Stefania Albanesi gave Keynote Address

Professor Albanesi gave a Keynote Address on December 6, 2016 at the 17th IWH-CIREQ-GW Macroeconometric Workshop:  Inequality, micro data and macroeconomics.

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Professor Vesterlund featured in The Atlantic

Professor Lise Vesterlund's paper "Knowing When to Ask: The Cost of Leaning In" was cited in an article entitled... View »

Professor Thomas Rawski featured in "South China Morning Post"

Professor Rawski comments in South China Morning Post's... View »

Professor Emeritus Frank Giarratani featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Funding received for "Learning about sustainability: social learning via solar panel adoption"

Professor Andrea LaNauze and Post-Doc Graham Beattie have been awarded a grant from the Mascara Center for Sustainable Innovation and the Provost's Office. 

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Professor Emeritus Jack Ochs featured in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Professor Stefania Alabanesi has been appointed Associate Editor of the Review of Economic Dynamics

Effective October 1, 2016, Professor Stefania Albanesi will be appointed as the Associated Editor of the Review of Economic Dynamics.

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The research of Professors Shertzer, Twinam (Pitt Alum-Washington Bothell), and Walsh was covered by the Houston Chronicle and Atlantic Monthly's Citylab blog.

The and article entitled ... View »

Professor Werner Troesken and Pitt graduates Brian Beach and Martin Saavedra honored with Arthur H. Cole Prize.

Professor Werner Troesken and his former students Brian Beach (William and Mary) and Martin Saavedra (Oberlin College) were awarded the Arthur H. Cole Prize for the best paper published in the... View »

Professor Rigotti cited in "Tech Startups Surprised to find Pittsburgh's assets add up" article.

Professor Luca Rigotti was cited in a  Pittsburgh Post-Gazette ... View »

Professor Huffman's research featured in the Wall Street Journal

Professor Huffman's research featured in the Wall Street Journal. Showing that "More patient people grow richer and healthier than their more impetuous peers, according to a new study that... View »

Professor Wilson has lead article in Quantitative Economics

The March issue of Quantitative Economics featured as the lead article Professor Wilson’s investigation of communication with multiple senders. The paper cleverly shows that full revelation may be... View »

Professor Shertzer has lead article in Journal of Public Economics

The latest issue of Journal of Public Economics featured as the lead article Professor Shertzer’s innovative research on immigrant group size and political mobilization.  The paper can be... View »