University of Pittsburgh



Randall Walsh

Associate Professor

Research Interests

Public Economics, Urban Economics, Environmental Economics, Racial Dispartities


Ph.D. Economics Duke, University, Fall 2002
B.A.  Economics, Summa Cum Laude, Presidential Scholar, Phi 
Beta Kappa, 
	Rosen Prize, University of New Hampshire, May 1996

Staff Support Person

Debbie Ziolkowski
Phone: 412-648-1734

Selected Publications

  • Title: The Effects of Gender Interactions in the Lab and in the Field
    Citation: Review of Economics and Statistics, 2009
    (Co)Authors: Peter Arcidiacano, Kate Antonovics
  • Title: Do People Vote with Their Feet? An Empirical Test of Tieboutís Mechanism
    Citation: American Economic Review, 2008
    (Co)Authors: Spencer Banzhaf
  • Title: Building the Family Nest: A Collective Household Model with Competing Pre-Marital Investments and Spousal Matching
    Citation: Review of Economic Studies, 2007
    (Co)Authors: Murat Iyigun
  • Title: Endogenous Open Space Amenities in a Locational Equilibrium
    Citation: Journal of Urban Economics, 2007
  • Title: Urban Sprawl
    Citation: Journal of Economc Perspectives, 2004
    (Co)Authors: Thomas Nechyba
  • Title: Estimating the General Equilibrium Benefits of Large Changes in Spatially Delineated Public Goods
    Citation: International Economic Review, 2004
    (Co)Authors: Holger Sieg, V. Kerry Smith, H. Spencer Banzhaf
  • Title: General Equilibrium Benefit Transfers for Spatial Externalities: Revisiting EPAís Prospective Analysis
    Citation: Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 2004
    (Co)Authors: Holger Sieg, V. Kerry Smith, H. Spencer Banzhaf
  • Title: Interjurisdictional Housing Prices in Locational Equilibrium
    Citation: Journal of Urban Economics, 2002
    (Co)Authors: Holger Sieg, V. Kerry Smith, H. Spencer Banzhaf
  • Title: Games and Discrimination: Lessons from the Weakest Link
    Citation: Journal of Human Resources, 2005
    (Co)Authors: Kate Antonovics, Peter Arcidiacano
  • Title: Communities, Competition, Spillovers, and Open Space
    Citation: Land Economics, 2008
    (Co)Authors: Aaron Strong
  • Title: Endogenous Gender Power, Household Labor Supply & the Demographic Transition
    Citation: Journal of Development Economics, 2007
    (Co)Authors: Murat Iyigun
  • Title: Implementing Value Added Measures of School Performance, Are We Getting the Incentives Right?
    Citation: Economics of Education Review, 2002
    (Co)Authors: Helen Ladd
  • Title: Do Painless Environmental Policies Exist?
    Citation: Journal of Risk and Uncertainty, 2000
    (Co)Authors: V. Kerry Smith