University of Pittsburgh



Allison Shertzer

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Economic History; Public Economics, Urban Economics


Ph.D. Economics, UCLA, June 2011
M.A. Economics, UCLA, December 2007
B.S. Industrial Engineering, B.A. Mathematics, Arizona State University, summa cum laude, May 2006

Working Papers

  • Title: Race, Ethnicity, and Discriminatory Zoning (Download)
    (Co)Authors: Tate Twinam, Randall Walsh
  • Title: Did the Americanization Movement Succeed?: An Evaluation of the Effect of English-Only and Compulsory Schooling Laws on Immigrants (Download)
    (Co)Authors: Adriana Lleras-Muney
  • Title: Immigrant Group Size and Political Mobilization: Evidence from European Migration to the United States (Download)

Selected Publications

  • Title: Population Trends as a Partial Counterweight to Central City Decline (Download)
    Citation: Demography, 2013
    (Co)Authors: Leah Platt Boustan
  • Title: Immigration and Cities in the Twentieth Century (Download)
    Citation: Journal of Economic History, 2013