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Thomas Rawski


Working Papers

  • Title: Can China Sustain Rapid Growth Despite Flawed Institutions? (Download)
  • Title: Appendix to “Forecasting China’s Economic Growth to 2025” in China`s Great Economic Transformation, ed. L. Brandt and T.G. Rawski (Cambridge, 2008) (Download)
    (Co)Authors: Dwight H. Perkins
  • Title: China`s Economic Development and Global Interaction in the Long Run (Download)
    (Co)Authors: Evelyn S. Rawski
  • Title: From Divergence to Convergence: Re-evaluating the History Behind China`s Economic Boom (Download)
    (Co)Authors: Loren Brandt, Debin Ma

Selected Publications

  • Title: SARS and China's Economy (External Link)
    Citation: in SARS in China: Prelude to Pandemic? Ed. Arthur Kleinman and James L. Watson. Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2005
  • Title: China and the Balance of Influence in Asia (External Link)
    Citation: University of Pittsburgh Press
    (Co)Authors: William W. Keller
  • Title: China's Emerging Market for Property Rights:Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives
    Citation: Economics of Transition, 10.3 (2002): 585-617
    (Co)Authors: Gary H. Jefferson
  • Title: Will Investment Behavior Constrain China's Growth? (Download)
    Citation: China Economic Review 13.4 (2002): 361-372
  • Title: What Is Happening to China's GDP Statistics? (Download)
    Citation: China Economic Review 12.4 (2001): 347-354
  • Title: China's Great Economic Transformation (External Link)
    Citation: Cambridge University Press
    (Co)Authors: Loren Brandt
  • Title: Urban Air Quality In China: Historical And Comparative Perspectives (Download)
    Citation: Resurgent China: Issues for the Future, ed. Nazrul Islam. Houndmills and New York: Palgrave-Macmillan, 2009, pp. 353-370
  • Title: North American Studies of China's Economy (Download)
    Citation: Chinese language version in Beimei Zhongguoxue [North American Studies of China], ed. Haihui Zhang et al (Beijing: Zhonghua shuju, 2010), pp. 369-389
  • Title: Human Resources and China's Long Economic Boom (Download)
    Citation: Asia Policy, 12 (July 2011), pp. 33-78
  • Title: Ten Reasons Why China's Long Boom is Likely to Continue (Download)
    Citation: Presented at the June 2010 conference of the National Asia Research Program, Washington DC
  • Title: Is China's Development Success Transferable? (Download)
    Citation: Chapter 15 in Reform and Development: What Can China Offer to the Developing World? ed. Ho-Mou Wu and Yang Yao. London and NY: Routledge, 2011, pp. 320-348
  • Title: Measuring China's Recent GDP Growth: Where Do We Stand? (Download)
    Citation: Chinese-language version in Jingjixue (China Economic Quarterly) 2.1 (October 2002): 53-62
  • Title: Can China Sustain Rapid Growth Despite Flawed Institutions? (Download)
    Citation: In Search of China's Development Model: Beyond the Beijing Consensus, ed. S. Philip Hsu and Suisheng Zhao. London: Routledge, 2011, pp. 86-106
  • Title: REVIEW: When a Billion Chinese Jump: How China Will Save Mankind - or Destroy It (Download)
    Citation: Sustainability: The Journal of Record. February 2011, 4(1): 44-45.
  • Title:
  • Title: 2012 Review of P. Bardhan, Awakening Giants, Feet of Clay" (Download)
    Citation: Economic Development and Cultural Change, Vol. 60, No. 2 (January 2012), pp. 446-448


  • ECON 1630: ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF CHINA. Offered spring 2006. (Course Webpage).
  • ECON 1710: Proseminar in International Economics. Offered spring 2006. (Course Webpage).
  • ECON 0630: EAST ASIA`S DYNAMIC ECONOMIES. Offered fall 2005. (Course Webpage).