Useful Links


Find details on economics seminars in Pittsburgh.

Financial assistance

Find information about funding available to graduate students in the forms of fellowships, assistantships, grants, travel funds, and loans.


The University provides all students with a computer account that gives students access to Pitt's considerable computing services, including software downloading.

Graduate students in the economics department have access to their own computing laboratory, with software such as E-Views, Gauss, Matlab, Scientific Workplace, SAS, Stata, Systat, and TSP, among others. The department also has an internationally recognized computer lab for research in experimental economics.


Pitt's University Library System provides world-class resources for a broad range of research interests. The system's digital library offers online access to journal articles and other electronic resources.

Arts and culture

Pitt students can buy discounted tickets to enjoy Pittsburgh's many cultural venues.

Job openings for economists

Find the centralized listings of jobs for PhD in economics.