Fantastic Faculty: Associate Professor to Minister of Economics, Just like that!

Tymofiy MylovanovTymofiy Mylovanov, an associate professor of economics at the University of Pittsburgh, has temporarily taken off his teaching hat in exchange for a political one. In August Mylovanov was appointed the Minister of Development, Trade and Agriculture for Ukraine. As Minster, Mylovanov is the chief administrator in the Ukrainian government’s main economic department.


Mylovanov joined the University of Pittsburgh’s department of economics in 2013, gaining tenure in 2015. During his time here, Mylovanov kept close ties with his native Ukraine, serving as Deputy Chairman to the Council of Ukraine’s National Bank since 2016, and as the President to the Kyiv School of Economics.


Originally earning his Bachelor’s in Management at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 1997, Mylovanov then attended the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, earning his Master’s in Economics. Finishing up his academic pursuits at the University of Madison-Wisconsin with his Master’s in Economics in 2001, followed by his PhD in Economics in 2004, Mylovanov joined several universities economics’ departments including the University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania State University, and finally the University of Pittsburgh.


In his position as Minister, Mylovanov performs more than 387 functions, and runs an office with hundreds of employees. His tasks vary from maintaining consumer protections for agricultural products to drafting policies about corporate governance and the labor market. Currently, his main priority is developing a private land market - Ukraine has one of the largest stocks of arable land in the world. 


Mylovanov’s transition from professor to Minister is similar to the unorthodox backgrounds happening throughout the Ukrainian government. Ukrainian President, Vologymyr Zelensky, is a comedian turned politician, with no real political experience before taking office in May of 2019.


Like Zelensky, Mylovanov is fresh to politics, though he has been active in the Ukraine’s direction for years now; following the 2013 Ukrainian revolution, Mylovanov began writing economic reforms.


Mylovanov plans on returning to Pitt after his work as Minster is done.  Unfortunately, he cannot discuss the majority of the work he is doing now, especially that which pertains to Russia and the United States. It will be interesting to hear about his experiences upon his return! 

The University Times wrote a piece on Mylovanov’s first several months serving as the Minister of Development, Trade and Agriculture, (click here to read more).