Classical and Bayesian Analysis of Univariate and Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models (with R. Liesenfeld) is now available.

Professor Richard presents his talk, "An Integrated Treatment of Monte Carlo Numerical Integration Techniques" on at the SCE 11th International Conference, June 2005.

The GDP Forecast Model at the University of Pittsburgh is devoted to reporting forecasts of GDP growth, and characterizations of the current state of the macroeconomy.




Jean-François Richard is the University Professor and Head at the Department of Economics, University of Pittsburgh. His research largely aims at developing operational inference procedures for complex empirical problems.

Among his other research interests, Professor Richard also regularly contributes to the work being done on the GDP Forecast Model. The model features three key components whose interaction yields a characterization of GDP growth over alternative phases of the business cycle, and enables researchers to anticipate movements in the economy between phases.

Professor Richard's curriculum vita is available as a PDF by clicking the CV link. Research interests, courses taught, and publications are also available, as is his contact information.


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