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Jean-François Richard teaches two courses. Click the course title to view a sample syllabus.


ECON 2260, Advanced Econometrics I

Econometric analysis of time series models, stochastic regressors, and asymptotic theory. Recursive least squares. Maximum likelihood estimation. Numerical optimization. Testing principles (likelihood ratio, Wald, Lagrange, Hausman. Serially correlated disturbances. Dynamic models. Stochastic difference equations.
Prerequisite(s): Econ 2020, Econ 2150.

Check the university schedule of classes for next availability.


ECON 0170, Introduction to Mathematical Modeling in Social Sciences


Mathematical tools and concepts play an increasingly important role in many areas of the social sciences. This course aims to awaken students' interest in the use of a few simple and yet powerful mathematical techniques in the social sciences. Hopefully, it will also motivate students to take upper-level courses in both Mathematics and the Social Sciences. The course is largely non-calculus and has little overlap with more traditional mathematics course offerings. It is essentially self-contained and has no prerequisites. It can be taken by students at any time during their undergraduate years.

This course is not regularly offered. Check the university schedule of classes for next availability or contact Professor Richard.



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