Financial Aid

Among newly admitted students, how many are awarded financial aid?

The exact number of initially funded incoming students varies from year to year, depending on class size and budget constraints. On average, eight incoming students receive financial aid in the form of fellowships. The remainder are typically self-funded or sponsored.

Will students who are awarded full fellowships be required to work?

No work would be required for the duration of that fellowship award (typically two terms). Teaching assistantships involve up to 20 hours of work per week. Typically, students receive teaching assistantships beginning with their second year of study.

Can I gain teaching experience in your program?

Yes, following the successful completion of the first year of our program, students receiving financial aid are asked to assist with teaching as teaching assistants and later as teaching fellows. In the latter position, students are eligible to teach their own courses.

Do non-U.S. citizens qualify for financial aid?

Yes. Financial aid has no citizenship requirements, and awards are made to the most promising entering students as determined by the department's admissions committee.

If a student is not awarded financial aid in the first year, could he/she qualify for aid in subsequent years?

Yes, provided the student has met all requirements, is in good academic standing, and department budget considerations permit.