Current Students

View the Graduate Handbook, a list of important milestones and funding opportunities, and other useful information.

Two items are particularly important for current PhD students: one is a milestone chart that specifies the expected progress towards PhD completion, and the other is the procedure guide for applying for fellowships and awards. In addition, information about field courses can be found at Field Courses, while a table with the projected course offerings for a two-year cycle is at Course Offerings.

Below is a list of students currently enrolled in our PhD program by year of entry. At any given time, approximately 50 students are in residence.



Avery, Mallory
Han, Yi
Kim, Jiyeon
LaVoice, Jessica
Li, Sijie
Liu, Quanquan
Lonsky, Jakub
2012 Feng, Hao
Lame, Diego
Landsman, Rachel
Liu, Yiming