New Professors Join the Department of Economics

Professor David Huffman received his PhD from University of California, Berkeley. He is joining the department from Oxford University, and has previously held positions at IZA in Bonn and at Swarthmore College.  Professor Huffman will begin his appointment by serving as the Director of Pittsburgh’s Experimental Economics Laboratory.  Using field and laboratory experiments Huffman’s research lies in the areas of behavioral and labor economics. His research serves as original and influential contributions to our understanding of how preferences can be elicited, how they correlate with individual characteristics, how they are passed on from one generation to the next, and how systematic differences in such preferences can shed light on persistent differences in economic outcomes. Huffman’s research has also helped us better understand how incentives and contracts influence labor market outcomes when individuals have reference dependent preferences and when they are not merely aiming to maximize their monetary payoffs.  Finally he has written influential papers on cooperation in groups. In Huffman’s current work he is conducting large-scale field experiments within firms to answer questions in personnel economics, and is validating survey measures to elicit economic preferences around the world.  He will be teaching a graduate course in Behavioral and Experimental Labor Economics and undergraduate courses in Intermediate Microeconomics.​


Assistant Professor Sofia Moroni received her PhD in Economics from Yale University, and did her undergraduate studies in Mathematical Engineering at the Universidad de Chile. Her main field is theoretical microeconomics, with am emphasis on game theory and contract theory. In particular, she has studied how a firm can provide incentives to a team of research and development workers in a dynamic environment. In other research, she has written about dynamic auctions, and contracts for agents who dislike losses more than they like gains. Professor Moroni has already published in one of the most prestigious journals in economics. Her teaching will focus on guiding students through the frontier of current research on game theory and contract theory, both at the graduate and undergraduate level.