University Times profiles Carey Treado and State Department fellowship work.

The November 6, 2019 University Times profiles Carey Treado and the impact her State Department fellowship will have on the department:

Carey Treado spent the summer on a Franklin Fellowship at the U.S. State Department, and now she’s bringing the project she started there back on campus to recruit an interdisciplinary working group to develop strategies for socially responsible investing using Pitt’s own efforts as a case study. “The University of Pittsburgh is one of 35 universities that are called diplomacy lab schools,” said Treado, a lecturer with the Department of Economics. “The State Department reaches out to those schools when they have a particularly long-term research or analytical question that they would like some assistance with. And so, they’ve taken the work that I’m doing in my fellowship and made it a diplomacy lab project.” The Diplomacy Lab project at Pitt will provide information to the State Department, but will not receive any financial support or advisory services from State for the project or toward Pitt’s efforts to consider socially responsible investment strategies.

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