Harvey Cohen Undergraduate Research Prize


2019 - 2020 ​Cohen Undergrad Research Prize

Catherine Creiman
Catie is currently a junior majoring in economics and psychology, and is interested in using research to improve education, gender equality, the environment, and public policy.
Acadia Hall
Acadia is a juior majoring in mathematics-economics with a minor in computer science. She is interested in applying math and computer science in the field of behavioral economics.
Evan Kaminski
Evan is a senior pursuing a Mathematics-Economics degree. His academic interests include how math and game theory can be used to model decision-making. Understandably, his favorite class at Pitt has been game theory.
Anna Kovarick
Anna is a junior majoring in Economics and Business Administration with a certificate in Public and Professional Writing. She is interested in utilizing behavioral economics to describe business trends like consumer behavior and decision making.


2018-2019 ​Cohen Undergrad Research Prize

Manpreet Dhankar
University of Pittsburgh
Undergraduate - Economics
Srihaasa Kompella
University of Pittsburgh
Undergraduate - Economics
William Mischler
University of Pittsburgh
Undergraduate - Economics