Recent Publications


A Theory of Rollover Risk, Sudden Stops, and Foreign Reserves

Sewon Hur and Illenin Kondo

Journal of International Economics

Fertility, Social Mobility and Long Run Inequality

Juan Carlos Cordoba, Xiying Liu and Marla Ripoll

Journal of Monetary Economics

Task-specific experience and task-specific talent: Decomposing the productivity of high school teachers

Jason B. Cook and Richard K. Mansfield

Journal of Public Economics

Immigrant group size and political mobilization: Evidence from European migration to the United States

Allison Shertzer

Journal of Public Economics

The Slider Task: An Example of Restricted Inference on Incentive Effects

F. Araujo, E. Carbone, L. Conell-Price, M. Dunietz, A. Jaroszewicz, R. Landsman, D. Lame, L. Vesterlund, S. Wang and A. WIlson

Journal of the Economic Science Association

Communication With Multiple Senders: An Experiment

Emanuel Vespa and Alistair Wilson

Quantitative Economics

Clearinghouses for Two-Sided Matching: An Experimental Study

Federico Echenique, Alistair Wilson and Leeat Yariv

Quantitative Economics

Intergenerational Transfers and the Fertility-Income Relationship

Juan Carlos Cordoba and Marla Ripoll

The Economic Journal

Recasting the Iron Rice Bowl

Daniel Berkowitz, Hong Ma and Shuichiro Nishioka

The MIT Press Journals