Working Papers

Accounting for the International Quantity-Quality Trade-Off

Marla Ripoll

Juan Carlos Córdoba , Xiying Liu

Keywords: public education subsidies, intergenerational financial frictions, fertility, mortality, schooling, parental altruism, TFP

Existence of Trembling hand perfect and sequential equilibrium in Stochastic Games

Sofia Moroni

Keywords: existence, stochastic games, trembling hand perfect equilibrium, sequential equilibrium, revision games

Bidder Collusion: Accounting for All Feasible Bidders

Jean-François Richard

Robert C. Marshall and Chaohai Shen

Existence of trembling hand perfect and sequential equilibrium in games with stochastic timing of moves

Sofia Moroni

Keywords: existence, revision games, stochastic games, trembling hand perfect equilibrium, sequential equilibrium

Government Privatization and Political Participation: The Case of Charter Schools

Jason B. Cook

Vladimir Kogan, Stéphane Lavertu, Zachary Peskowitz

Keywords: charter schools, school choice, electoral participation, turnout, privatization

Testing for Risk Aversion in First-Price Sealed-Bid Auctions

Federico Zincenko

Sung Jae Jun

Keywords: first-price auctions, independent private values, risk aversion, testability, nonparametric testing, local alternatives at the parametric rate

Experimentation in Organizations

Sofia Moroni

Keywords: principal-agent, moral hazard, experimentation, exponential bandit, contests

Changing Business Cycles: The Role of Women's Employment

Stefania Albanesi

Keywords: female employment; business cycles; productivity slowdown; great moderation; jobless recoveries

Goals, Constraints, and Public Assignment: A Field Study of the UEFA Champions League

Alistair Wilson

Marta Boczon

Keywords: Constrained assignment; UEFA Champions League; Public draw

Experimenting with the Transition Rule in Dynamic Games

Alistair Wilson

Emanuel Vespa

Keywords: Dynamic Games, Transition Rule, Markov Perfection, Equilibrium Selection

Gender Differences in Negotiation: Evidence fro Real Estate Transactions.

Lise Vesterlund

Steffen Andersen, Julie Marx, and Kasper Meisner Neilsen

Keywords: gender differences; negotiation; real estate

Balanced Growth Approach to Forecasting Recessions

Marta Boczon

Jean-Francois Richard

Keywords: Hybrid model; VAR; DSGE; ECM; RBC

Does Immigration Decrease Far-Fight Popularity? Evidence from Finnish Municipalities

Jakub Lonsky

Keywords: Immigration, far-right, political economy, voting

Market Distortions and Labor Share Distributions: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms

Daniel Berkowitz

Shuichiro Nishioka

Keywords: Labor's share, Capital-labor substitution, Product markups, Market distortions

Games with Private Timing

Sofia Moroni

Yuichiro Kamada

Keywords: common interest games, opposing interest games, asynchronous moves, private timing, dynamic games

The Elasticity of Intergenerational Substitution, Parental Altruism, and Fertility Choice

Marla Ripoll

Juan Carlos Córdoba

Keywords: altruism, non-separable utility, intertemporal substitution, intergenerational substitution, economic value of a chil

Experimenter Demand Effects

Lise Vesterlund

Jonathan de Quidt, Alistair J Wilson

Keywords: Experimenter Demand Effect, Qualitative Results, Best-Practice Design, Mitigating Demand Effects, Measuring Demand Effects

Knowing When to Ask: The Cost of Leaning-in

Lise Vesterlund

Christine L. Exley, Murial Niederle

Keywords: gender; negotiations; leaning-in; selection

The Effects of DACA on Health Insurance, Access to Care, and Health Outcomes

Osea Giuntalla

Jakub Lonsky

Keywords: Immigration, DACA, health insurance, health care, health

Excluding Compromise: Negotiating Only With Polarized Interests

Richard van Weelden

Pablo Montagnes

Keywords: Organized negotiations, polarization, auctions with externalities