Working Papers

Government Privatization and Political Participation: The Case of Charter Schools

Jason B. Cook

Vladimir Kogan, Stéphane Lavertu, Zachary Peskowitz

Keywords: charter schools, school choice, electoral participation, turnout, privatization

Testing for Risk Aversion in First-Price Sealed-Bid Auctions

Federico Zincenko

Sung Jae Jun

Keywords: rst-price auctions, independent private values, risk aversion, testability, nonparametric testing, local alternatives at the parametric rate

Experimentation in Organizations

Sofia Moroni

Keywords: principal-agent, moral hazard, experimentation, exponential bandit, contests

Changing Business Cycles: The Role of Women's Employment

Stefania Albanesi

Keywords: female employment; business cycles; productivity slowdown; great moderation; jobless recoveries

Goals, Constraints, and Public Assignment: A Field Study of the UEFA Champions League

Alistair Wilson

Marta Boczon

Keywords: Constrained assignment; UEFA Champions League; Public draw

Experimenting with the Transition Rule in Dynamic Games

Alistair Wilson

Emanuel Vespa

Keywords: Dynamic Games, Transition Rule, Markov Perfection, Equilibrium Selection

Gender Differences in Negotiation: Evidence fro Real Estate Transactions.

Lise Vesterlund

Steffen Andersen, Julie Marx, and Kasper Meisner Neilsen

Keywords: gender differences; negotiation; real estate

Balanced Growth Approach to Forecasting Recessions

Marta Boczon

Jean-Francois Richard

Keywords: Hybrid model; VAR; DSGE; ECM; RBC

Does Immigration Decrease Far-Fight Popularity? Evidence from Finnish Municipalities

Jakub Lonsky

Keywords: Immigration, far-right, political economy, voting

Market Distortions and Labor Share Distributions: Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms

Daniel Berkowitz

Shuichiro Nishioka

Keywords: Labor's share, Capital-labor substitution, Product markups, Market distortions

Games with Private Timing

Sofia Moroni

Yuichiro Kamada

Keywords: common interest games, opposing interest games, asynchronous moves, private timing, dynamic games

The Elasticity of Intergenerational Substitution, Parental Altruism, and Fertility Choice

Marla Ripoll

Juan Carlos Córdoba

Keywords: altruism, non-separable utility, intertemporal substitution, intergenerational substitution, economic value of a chil

Experimenter Demand Effects

Lise Vesterlund

Jonathan de Quidt, Alistair J Wilson

Keywords: Experimenter Demand Effect, Qualitative Results, Best-Practice Design, Mitigating Demand Effects, Measuring Demand Effects

Knowing When to Ask: The Cost of Leaning-in

Lise Vesterlund

Christine L. Exley, Murial Niederle

Keywords: gender; negotiations; leaning-in; selection

The Effects of DACA on Health Insurance, Access to Care, and Health Outcomes

Osea Giuntalla

Jakub Lonsky

Keywords: Immigration, DACA, health insurance, health care, health

Excluding Compromise: Negotiating Only With Polarized Interests

Richard van Weelden

Pablo Montagnes

Keywords: Organized negotiations, polarization, auctions with externalities

Informative Cheap Talk in Elections

Richard van Weelden

Navin Kartik

Keywords: Pandering, campaigns, reputational distortions, career concerns, voter learning

Crashing the Party? Elites, Outsiders, and Elections

Richard van Weelden

Peter Buisseret

Reputation Effects and Incumbency (Dis)Advantage

Richard van Weelden

Navin Kartik

Broadband Internet, Digital Temptations, and Sleep

Osea Giuntella

Francesco Billari, Luca Stella

Keywords: Internet, Low Fertility, Work and Family, Teleworking