Working Papers

Subjective Independence and Concave Expected Utility

Roee Teper

Ehud Lehrer

Keywords: Subjective independence, codecomposable independence, uncertainty aversion, concave expected utility, Choquet expected utility, Ellsberg paradox, Machina paradox

Probabilistic Dominance and Status Quo Bias

Roee Teper

Gil Riella

Keywords: Probabilistic dominance, status quo bias, comparative status quo bias, endowment eff ect, home bias

Sandwich Games

Roee Teper

Ehud Lehrer

Keywords: Cooperative games, Sandwich games, large core

The Endowment Effect as a Blessing

Roee Teper

Sivan Frankel, Yuval Heller

Keywords: Endowment Effect, Winner’s Curse, Bounded Rationality, Evolution, Hybrid-Replicator Dynamics.

Who is a Bayesian?

Roee Teper

Ehud Lehrer

Keywords: Learning, exchangeability, Bayesianism, local consistency, dynamic decision problem, almost exchangeable.

Learning the Krepsian State: Exploration Through Consumption

Roee Teper

Evan Piermont, Norio Takeoka

Keywords: responsive learning; subjective learning; conditional preferences; preference for flexibility.

Plans of Action

Roee Teper

Evan Piermont

Keywords: Responsive learning, bandit problems, correlated arms, strong exchangeability

Recasting the Iron Rice Bowl: The Reform of China's State Owned Enterprises

Daniel Berkowitz

Hong Ma, Shuichiro Nishioka

Keywords: Laborís Share, Capital-Labor Ratios, Product Market Power, Employment Protections, Elasticity of Substitution Between Capital and Labor
Publication Status: Forthcoming in the Review of Economics and Statistics

Nuns and the Effects of Catholic Schools Evidence from Vatican II

Rania Gihleb

Osea Giuntella

Dynamic Effects of Educational Assortative Mating on Labor Suppy

Rania Gihleb

Osnat Lifshitz

Keywords: educational assortative mating, female labor supply, human capital, inequality

Nonparametric Estimation of First-Price Auctions with Risk-Averse Bidders

Federico Zincenko

Keywords: First-price auction, risk aversion, independent private values, non- parametric estimation, sieve spaces

The Cost of Euro Adoption in Poland

Svitlana Maksymenko

Nataliya Muravytska

Keywords: euro adoption, real exchange rate, Poland

Likelihood Evaluation of High-Dimensional Spatial Latent Gaussian Models with Non-Gaussian Response Variables

Jean-François Richard

Roman Liesenfeld, Jan Vogler

Keywords: Count data models, Discrete choice models, Firm location choice, Importance sampling, Monte Carlo integration, Spatial econometrics

Breaking the Glass Ceiling with "No": Gender Differences in Accepting and Receiving Requests for Non-Promotable Tasks

Lise Vesterlund

Linda Babcock, Maria Recalde, Laurie Weingart

Error Prone Inference from Response Time: The Case of Intuitive Generosity in Public-Good Games

Lise Vesterlund

Maria P. Recalde, Arno Riedl

The Effect of Incentives on Real Effort: Evidence from the Slider Task

Lise Vesterlund

Felipe Augusto De Araujo, Erin Carbone, Lynn Conell-Price, Marli W. Dunietz, Ania Jaroszewicz, Diego Lamé, Rachel Landsman, Stephanie Wang,and Alistair J. Wilson

Likelihood Based Inference and Prediction in Spatio-temporal Panel Count Models for Urban Crimes

Jean-François Richard

Roman Liesenfeld, Jan Volger

Keywords: Broken-windows hypothesis, Efficient Importance Sampling, Empirical crime model, Out-of-sample crime forecasts, Spatio-temporal econometrics

The Elasticity of Intergenerational Substitution, Parental Altruism, and Fertility Choice

Marla Ripoll

Juan Carlos Córdoba

Keywords: altruism, non-separable utility, intertemporal substitution, intergenerational substitution, imputed value of a child