Working Papers

Nonparametric Estimation of First-Price Auctions with Risk-Averse Bidders

Federico Zincenko

Keywords: First-price auction, risk aversion, independent private values, non- parametric estimation, sieve spaces

The Cost of Euro Adoption in Poland

Svitlana Maksymenko

Nataliya Muravytska

Keywords: euro adoption, real exchange rate, Poland

Likelihood Evaluation of High-Dimensional Spatial Latent Gaussian Models with Non-Gaussian Response Variables

Jean-François Richard

Roman Liesenfeld, Jan Vogler

Keywords: Count data models, Discrete choice models, Firm location choice, Importance sampling, Monte Carlo integration, Spatial econometrics

Breaking the Glass Ceiling with "No": Gender Differences in Accepting and Receiving Requests for Non-Promotable Tasks

Lise Vesterlund

Linda Babcock, Maria Recalde, Laurie Weingart

Error Prone Inference from Response Time: The Case of Intuitive Generosity in Public-Good Games

Lise Vesterlund

Maria P. Recalde, Arno Riedl

The Effect of Incentives on Real Effort: Evidence from the Slider Task

Lise Vesterlund

Felipe Augusto De Araujo, Erin Carbone, Lynn Conell-Price, Marli W. Dunietz, Ania Jaroszewicz, Diego Lamé, Rachel Landsman, Stephanie Wang,and Alistair J. Wilson

Likelihood Based Inference and Prediction in Spatio-temporal Panel Count Models for Urban Crimes

Jean-François Richard

Roman Liesenfeld, Jan Volger

Keywords: Broken-windows hypothesis, Efficient Importance Sampling, Empirical crime model, Out-of-sample crime forecasts, Spatio-temporal econometrics

The Elasticity of Intergenerational Substitution, Parental Altruism, and Fertility Choice

Marla Ripoll

Juan Carlos Córdoba

Keywords: altruism, non-separable utility, intertemporal substitution, intergenerational substitution, imputed value of a child