BA or BS in Economics/Business


A dual major program between the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) and the College of Business Administration (CBA)

CAS students wishing to earn a BA or BS with a dual major in economics/business must apply to CBA and be accepted into the dual major program. See the CBA's advising Web site for details on the application process.

In economics, the dual major completes the Economics BA or BS requirements. However, business serves as the related area. Dual degree students take the following additional courses for the business portion of the major:

  1. Four prerequisites for the business courses in the CBA dual major program, all of which are also required for the economics major:
    1. Econ 0100 and Econ 0110 (6 credits).
    2. Math 0120 or Math 0220. Note that Math 0120 or 0220 is a prerequisite for Econ 1100 and Econ 1110.
    3. Stat 1100 (3 credits).
  2. 15 credits in business courses which count as CAS credits:
    1. Busacc 0030 and Busacc 0040 (6 credits).
    2. Busqom 0050 (3 credits).
    3. Busorg 1020 (3 credits).
    4. Bushrm 1050 (3 credits).
    5. Note: Econ 1100, which is required for the economics major, exempts a student from the CAS/CBA dual major requirement to take Busecn 1010. Economics/business dual majors who take Busecn 1010 instead of Econ 1100 to satisfy the economics requirement will be required to take an extra elective in economics. Note that Econ 1100 and Busecn 1010 count as a course repeat, so a student who takes both will not receive credit for both.
  3. 18 credits in business courses which count as CBA credits: Note that the dual business program uses 18 credits outside CAS, which is the maximum number of non-CAS credits that can count toward the 120 credits required for a CAS bachelor’s degree.
    1. Busenv 0060 (3 credits).
    2. Busfin 1030 (3 credits).
    3. Busmkt 1040 (3 credits).
    4. Busmis 1060 (3 credits).
    5. Busqom 1070 (3 credits).
    6. Busspl 1080 (3 credits).
  4. QPA in all courses required for the major of 2.0 or better. No course required for the major may be taken using the S/N option except the two approved dual-major electives.


Requirements Checklist for BA & BS (pdf)