BS in Economics-Statistics


In addition to the requirements for a BS from the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences, an economics major must complete the following:

  1. 24 credits in economics courses:
    1. Econ 0100 and Econ 0110 (6 credits), with a grade of C or better. >Note that students who take Econ 0120 in place of Econ 0100 and Econ 0110 must take an additional economics elective in order to meet the 27-credit requirement.
    2. Econ 1100 and Econ 1110 (6 credits), with a grade of C or better. >Note that Math 0120 or 0220 is a prerequisite for Econ 1100 and Econ 1110.
    3. Econ 1150 (3 credits).
    4. Econ 1200 (3 credits).
    5. One other 1000-level economics elective (3 credits) which requires either Econ 1100 or Econ 1110 as a prerequisite.
    6. One other 3-credit economics elective. >Note that courses numbered in the 0800 series do not meet this requirement.
  2. 26 credits in statistics courses:
    1. Stat 1000 (4 credits).
    2. Stat 1221 and Stat 1223 W-practicum (4 credits).
    3. Stat 1151 and Stat 1152 (6 credits).
    4. Four elective statistics courses (12 credits).
    5. 1200-level or above, one of which must be from the 1600-level or above, excluding internships and directed studies. Students who plan to study statistics at the graduate level are strongly encouraged to take Stat 1632.
  3. 12 credits in mathematics courses:
    1. Math 0220, Math 0230, and Math 0240 (12 credits).
    2. Students are strongly encouraged to take a course in linear algebra such as Math 0280, Math 1180, or Math 1185.
  4. QPA in all courses required for the major of 2.0 or better. No course required for the major may be taken using the S/N option.
  5. Only three credits for Economics 1901-1903 may be applied toward the 24 required credits in economics.


Requirements Checklist for BS (pdf)