Minor in Economics


To receive a minor in economics, students must complete:

  1. 15 credits in economics courses:
    1. Econ 0100 and Econ 0110 (6 credits).
    2. Econ 1100 or Econ 1110 (3 credits). Note that Math 0120 or 0220 is a prerequisite for Econ 1100 and Econ 1110. College of Business Administration (CBA) students may substitute Busecn 1010 in CBA in place of Econ 1100. For these students, Busecn 1010 will count toward the 15 credit requirement for the minor.
    3. Two electives in economics (6 credits). Note that courses numbered in the 0800 series do not meet this requirement.
  2. QPA in all courses required for the minor of 2.0 or better.