A major in economics supports the liberal arts tradition of promoting students' growth in critical thinking and developing an understanding of the world around them. Economics is a particularly useful major in today's ever-changing global job market. A degree in economics provides problem-solving and analytical skills, which are applicable in many professions and careers.

There is a great deal of flexibility in our undergraduate curriculum. Many of our own undergraduate majors, looking for preparation for careers in business, select a dual degree program in economics and business in conjunction with the University's College of Business Administration (CBA). The department has also adjusted its undergraduate programs to accommodate both the current needs of our majors and an increased demand for service courses from CBA and other Pitt programs. Our majors benefit from a large range of seminars with an emphasis on writing and student research projects. The Bachelor of Science track allows students with appropriate backgrounds to take courses that fully exploit their quantitative training.

The Undergraduate Economics Society is a Pitt student club that gives students informal access to faculty as well as a forum for our majors to learn more about the opportunities available to broaden their experiences while in school, to meet with economics graduates from the business and civic community who are willing to share their post-graduate experience, and to organize symposia of special interest to students. In these and other ways, we endeavor to give our undergraduates the benefit of a first-rate educational experience.

To make an appointment email an undergraduate economics advisor.