From the Director

The success of our PhD program is reflected in our job placement record. Historically, approximately 55 percent of our graduates land jobs in the tenure-stream academic market, 14 percent at research institutions, and 31 percent as post-docs and non-tenure-stream faculty members and in government and industry.

Since 2000, our PhD graduates have joined the faculties of highly ranked universities such as the University of Minnesota, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Virginia, and the University of Toronto, as well as liberal art colleges such as Oberlin. Read More>

PhD Program

Our PhD program prepares students for job-market success. Review the full timeline for completion of PhD requirements.

Students in Our Research Community

We nurture a thriving research community among graduate students and faculty members. Starting in their second year in our PhD program, students participate in this community through a variety of opportunities year-round.

Hot Metal Bridge Program

The Hot Metal Bridge Program is designed to help the University of Pittsburgh achieve its diversity goals. Through this year-long program, students from under-represented groups who are interested in economics (or other disciplines) can receive financial support to fill in gaps in their undergraduate record and acquire the skills necessary to succeed in graduate school.  Visit the Hot Metal Bridge website to learn more and to apply.

Placement History

The success of our PhD program is reflected in our job placement record. Historically, some 55 percent of our PhD graduates have been placed in the tenure-stream academic market, and about 14 percent at research institutions specifically.


Students are admitted directly for full-time PhD study. Previous study of economics can be helpful, but is not essential. What is essential is that entering students are sufficiently well-prepared in mathematics

Current Students

See our current PhD student directory as well as links to the Graduate Handbook, funding opportunities, and important milestones, among other useful information.

PhD Job Candidates

See a list of our PhD job candidates who are interested in being considered for professional positions.