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PhD Program Timeline

Beginning with an intensive mathematics course and continuing through the program’s fifth and final year, our PhD program prepares students for job-market success. Review the full timeline for completion of PhD requirements as well as the following key milestones.

Summer Math Camp

Admitted students begin the PhD program with an intensive math class that meets daily for three weeks prior to the start of fall classes.

First Year

Students take four courses each during the Fall and Spring term of the first year. The courses provide foundations in econometrics and empirical methods, mathematical methods, macroeconomics, and microeconomic theory.

Second Year

Starting in the second year, students take courses from the six major fields. A requirement of the PhD program is to complete two majors and one minor in different fields.

Third Year

During the third year students work on their research topics, finish their course work, and present in brown bag seminars. 

Fourth Year

During the fourth year, students are expected to work on the research project that may become their job market paper, and to form their dissertation committee.

Fifth Year

In the fifth year students finish their job market paper and prepare for the job market by taking take part in practice job market interviews and presentations. Students who choose to stay beyond the fifth-year continue working on their research and prepare to go on the market the following year.