Our undergraduate curriculum offers a great deal of flexibility. Many of our students, preparing for business careers, pursue a dual degree in economics and business in conjunction with Pitt's College of Business Administration. Our majors benefit from a wide range of seminars emphasizing writing and student research. The department's Bachelor of Science track enables students with appropriate backgrounds to take courses that fully exploit their quantitative training.


The study of economics promotes critical thinking, problem solving, and analysis—skills applicable in many professions and careers. Economics is a particularly useful major in today's global job market.


Our undergraduate advisors help you with choosing courses and academic planning, so you can graduate on schedule and prepare for post-baccalaureate endeavors, including graduate school.


To see what courses are currently being offered, visit the University's online portal, MyPitt, where enrolled students can access course listings and descriptions. For detailed course descriptions, please see Course Descriptions.  If you need special permission for an economics course, please e-mail our academic advisors.


Economics Department awards support student research on regional economic development.