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Degrees, Minors, Certificates, and Honors

The study of economics promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and analysis—skills applicable in many professions and careers. Economics is a particularly useful major in today's global job market. 

For the most up-to-date information about course offerings, please visit the University of Pittsburgh Course Catalog

Economics lecture
BA in Economics

Requirements for the BA in Economics.

Economics lecture
BS in Economics

Requirements for the BS in Economics.

Economics lecture
BS in Mathematics-Economics

Requirements for the BS in Mathematics-Economics.

Economics lecture
BS in Economics-Statistics

Requirements for the BS in Economics-Statistics.

Economics lecture
Minor in Economics

Requirements for the a minor in Economics.

Economics lecture
Other Minors and Certificates

Information regarding other available minors and certificates.

Economics lecture
Honors in Economics

Requirements for achieving honors status in Economics.

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Other Compatible Programs

Read about the Double Major and Double Degree options available to students with an interest in Economics and related fields.

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PhD and MS degrees in Economics

The department offers PhD and MS degrees for those pursuing advanced study of Economics.