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Student Clubs

The Department has a number of student clubs to provide additional opportunities for extracurricular learning, networking, and professional development.  

Women in Economics - The primary purpose of this organization is to raise awareness of the underrepresentation of undergraduate women in economics. The goals of the organization include promoting an inclusive community within the field of economics, particularly for women and others; engaging students, faculty, and others in conversation about the future of the field of economics; and lastly encourage more opportunities that would help our members better understand their career goals and excel in whichever field they choose to apply their talents. We believe that while a focus in the classroom is important, those wishing to further immerse themselves in economics should have the opportunity to do so. The general public cannot name any women economists, though my whole life I have known of so many truly gifted and hard-working women who excel in the field. In addition, only around 200 females graduated from Pitt last year with an economics degree, as compared to some of the other more popular majors. We aim to raise that number and provide more support and real-world experiences for the women who decide that economics is their passion. Up until now, there has not been a club such as this. I guess you could say we saw the demand and just had to supply it! 

Undergraduate Economics Society - The explicit purpose of this society is to foster interest in all facets of economics, both theoretical and practical. The intent of UES is not only to serve potential future economists in their academic and pre-professional needs but also to allow interested students who are not pursuing a career in economics to understand the impact that economics has on day-today living. In addition, UES aims to serve as a resource for all economics majors, minors, and interested students. UES will provide opportunities to connect with academic research, professional opportunities, and fellow students.

Behavioral Economics Club - Learn about current research in the behavioral economics field, discuss principles found within research pieces, be keep updated on applications of the field within the news. Members will participate in survey-based projects held on campus and analyze resulting data. Members will have the option to attend lectures at the university which are related to the core ideas of the club!

Federal Reserve Challenge Group - The purpose of the Federal Reserve Challenge Group at the University of Pittsburgh is to formulate a monetary policy recommendation to present to Federal Reserve Economists based on current macroeconomic conditions and indicators. Members will be a part of a dynamic, ambitious team aiming to conduct thorough market research and data analysis to create a policy recommendation backed by macroeconomic theory. Areas of interest for the presentation include price level, labor markets, financial markets, and more. Members develop excellent collaboration and presentation skills and can compete against other top Economics programs nationwide. Join Pitt's Fed Challenge for incredible networking opportunities nationwide with Federal Reserve Board members and Economics students.