Field Courses

Students in our PhD program complete two majors and one minor in six different fields within economics. A major consists of two courses within the field and one graded field seminar. A minor consists of two courses within the field.

  • Applied Microeconomics
    Because of the diversity of topics within applied microeconomics and our faculty’s expertise, we list three different tracks within this field. Students may major in only one of these tracks or pursue one track as major and another one as a minor.
    • Environmental
    • Urban / Public
    • History / Institutions
  • Econometrics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Labor/Development
    Students may major in either the labor or development track, or pursue one track as major and another as minor.

Many of our faculty members have research interests that spill over two fields. We take advantage of these spillovers by cross-listing some of the courses in two different fields.

Course Offerings

At the end of each spring term we update the projected course offerings in our PhD program for a two-year period. Cross-listings of courses in other fields are indicated parenthetically in italics next to the course name.