Recent Publications


Balanced Growth Approach to Tracking Recessions

Marta Boczoń and Jean-François Richard



The Morale Effects of Pay Inequality

Emily Breza, Supreet Kaur, Yogita Shamdasani

Quarterly Journal of Economics

Racial Sorting and the Emergence of Segregation in American Cities

Allison Shertzer, Randall P. Walsh

The Review of Economics and Statistics


Electoral Ambiguity and Political Representation

Navin Kartik, Richard van Weelden, Stephane Wolton

American Journal of Political Science

Nonparametric Estimation of First-price Auctions with Risk-averse Bidders

Federico Zincenko

Journal of Econometrics

The Effects of Immigration on Waiting Times in the National Health Service

Osea Giuntella, Caitia Nicodemo, Carlos Vargas-Silva

Journal of Health Economics

Elections and Divisiveness: Theory and Evidence

Elliott Ash, Massimo Morelli, Richard van Weelden

Journal of Politics

Error-prone Inference from Response Time: The Case of Intuitive Generosity in Public-good Games

Maria P. Recalde, Arno Riedl, Lise Vesterlund

Journal of Public Economics

The Effect of Charter Competition on Unionized District Revenues and Resource Allocation

Jason Cook

Journal of Public Economics

Zoning and the Economic Geography of Cities

Allison Shertzer, Tate Twinam, Randall P. Walsh

Journal of Urban Economics

The Gender Unemployment Gap

Stefania Albanesi and Aysegul Sahin

Review of Economic Dynamics

Ideology and Migration after the American Civil War

Shari Eli, Laura Salisbury

The Journal of Economic History


Why Do People Give: Testing Pure and Impure Altruism

Mark Ottoni-Wilhelm, Lise Vesterlund, and Huan Xie

American Economic Review

Gender Differences in Accepting and Receiving Requests for Tasks with Low Promotability

Linda Babcock, Maria P. Recalde, Lise Vesterlund and Laurie Weingart

American Economic Review

Risk Aversion and the Value of Life

Juan Carlos Cordoba and Marla Ripoll

Review of Economic Studies

Gender Differences in the Allocation of Low-Promotability Tasks: The Role of Backlash

Linda Babcock, Maria P. Recalde and Lise Vesterlund

American Economic Review (P&P)

A Proposal to Organize and Promote Replications

Lucas Coffman, Muriel Niederle and Alistair Wilson

American Economic Review (P&P)

Assessing the Rate of Replication in Economics

James Berry, Lucas Coffman, Rania Gihleb, Douglas Hanley and Alistair Wilson

American Economic Review (P&P)

Finite Gaussian Mixture Approximations to Analytically Intractable Density Kernels

Natalia Khorunzhina, Jean-François Richard

Computational Economics

Circadian Rhythms, Sleep, and Cognitive Skills: Evidence From an Unsleeping Giant

Osea Giuntella, Wei Han and Fabrizio Mazzonna