Learn about our Undergrad Econ Orgs

Pitt has four undergraduate economics clubs. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these groups – many love to connect with alumni! – or would just like to be on their email list, contact info is provided at the end of each description.  

Undergraduate Economic Society

The Undergraduate Economic Society is a student-led organization with the goal of helping Pitt students connect with their classmates and professors throughout the year by providing academic support as well as networking opportunities within the economics department.

Undergrad Econ Society fosters interest in all facets of economics, both theoretical and practical. This not only serves future economists in their academic and pre-professional needs, but also allows interested students who are not pursuing a career in economics to understand the impact that economics has on their day-to-day lives. The club is open to all full and part-time undergraduates at Pitt.

Email address: okk3@pitt.edu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pittUES

Instagram: @ues_pitt

Behavioral Economics Club

Established in 2016, the Behavioral Economics Club is the first undergraduate club in the nation specifically committed to exploring the growing field of behavioral economics. The club introduces members to behavioral economics through research, discussion, and consulting.

Behavioral Economics hosts bi-weekly discussions on topics ranging from neuroeconomics, to marketing psychology, to political decision making — always relating discussion to the fundamental assumptions of classical economics. In addition, this year the club added bi-weekly study hours to provide a venue for members to study together and meet upperclassmen in the major.

In the past, Behavioral Economics has hosted guest speakers, such as George Loewenstein, Nina Mazar, and Matt Hancher. The club has an upcoming general body meeting on November 20th and its research committee presentation December 4th. In February, Behavioral Economics will host a Health Decision Science Research Symposium (details forthcoming).

Email address: bec@pitt.edu

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PittBehavioralEconomics/

Instagram: @pitt_bec

Women in Economics

Women in Economics raises awareness of the underrepresentation of undergraduate women in economics. The goals of Women in Economics include promoting an inclusive community within economics; engaging students, faculty, and others in conversation about the direction of the field; and helping its members understand their career goals and excel in any career they pursue.

The general public cannot name any female economists, even though so many gifted and hard-working women have made important contributions to economics. At Pitt, only 200 females graduated with an economics degree last year, lagging other popular majors in gender balance. Women in Econ aims to raise that number and provide more support and real-world experiences for the women who decide that economics is their passion. 

Email address: womenineconomicspitt@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WomenInEconomicsPitt/

Instagram: @wiepitt​

Minority Mentoring in Econ

The main objective of Minority Mentoring in Econ – which is just starting! – is to encourage students of color and other minority groups to study economics at Pitt, as the department has consistently lagged behind others in diversity. The club hopes to create a network of Pitt alumni of color who either majored or minored in economics and are now in some way using their degree in their profession. These alumni would be paired with current students for mentoring. 

Minority Mentoring also aims to highlight the accomplishments of economists of color from around the world and promote them through club meetings, social media posts, and newsletters. This would be in an effort to challenge the existing narrative in which economics is a white, cis, male-dominated field, and to create a welcoming space for students of color within the Pitt economics department.

Alumni who are interested in learning more about Minority Mentoring or getting involved should contact the club, as it’s currently looking for mentors.  

Email address: nof14@pitt.edu