MS Program - MQE Career Chats

The first semester of the Department of Economics new MS in Quantitative Economics professional degree program has wrapped up and students completed STEM courses in Individuals, Firms, and Markets; Quantitative Methods; Incentives and Information; Economic Inference from Data; and Communicating Insights.


Bhavini Patel chats with the MQE students.

Along with the intense, full-time course work, students participate in professional development workshops and coordinate discussions with professionals once a week during the MQE Career Chats. During the MQE Career Chats, students host a one-hour discussion with industry leaders to learn about diverse industries and careers in economics and analytics. Many of the MQE Advisory Board members participated and shared career experiences and advice. The MQE students were provided with a fantastic networking opportunity, developed their professional facilitation skills and learned more about how they can apply their MQE skills in the future.


Pitt Alumni, Bhavini Patel, M.Phil., CEO & Founder, Beam Data and Scott Kinross, Senior Vice President, Head of Advanced Analytics, Optimization and Automation, PNC participated in the September Career Chats. Scott and Bhavini, along with the other participants, provided a multitude of new ideas, thoughts and innovations that will guide the MQE students on their professional journey. 


Scott Kinross chats with the MQE students.Organizations and professionals interested in learning more about MQE Career Services and employee recruitment, please contact: Shannon Mischler, Program Director, 383-5425.