New MS in Quantitative Economics program begins!

MQE, the STEM-designated professional degree program will equip students with the quantitative, analytical and communication skills needed to identify and resolve complex economic issues using a broad spectrum of quantitative techniques. Students anticipate being employed as analysts and strategists in the private, public and non-profit sector.

In the MQE Program 30 credit hours are attained through two semesters. Each semester is divided into two sessions and students take two courses each session, along with a semester-long course. With an emphasis on professional communication and analytic storytelling, Professor Marily Nixon teaches Communicating Economic Insights in the fall semester. Professor Luca Rigotti has started the first session with the Quantitative Methods course which presents a framework for data-driven decision making under conditions of uncertainty and partial information, and it covers data analysis methods and techniques used in economic applications. Professor Kevin Shaver teaches Individuals, Firms, and Markets which provides a rigorous introduction to contemporary microeconomic theory, with a focus on optimization techniques, the development of modeling skills and critical thinking strategies needed to understand and evaluate a wide variety of economic contexts.

Career Services is an additional component of the MQE Program. Students will be provided with advising, mentorships, projects, resume reviews, and mock interview panels. Each week students host industry leaders on Thursdays during the MQE Career Chats. Career Chats are an opportunity for students to learn more about the industry and the professional through their research and preparation in advance of moderating the discussion amongst the classmates. Here is the schedule of industry leaders participating in the Fall 2020 MQE Career Chats.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a student in the MQE Program, please consider attending an information session.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a professional partner of the MQE Program to participate in the Career Chats, mentor opportunities with engaged students, and presenting employment opportunities, please contact Shannon Mischler at or check out the MQE Partner Program.