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Undergraduates in Economics of Human Rights capstone course invited to meet with Pitt's Chief Investment Officer.

The students from the capstone course on the Economics of Human Rights were honored to be invited to the offices of Pitt’s Chief Investment Officer, Jeffer Choudhry, to share the results of their capstone project.  The students had researched the human rights policies and economic impact of 14 case study companies, which were drawn from the top portfolio positions of student-led investment funds at Brown University and George Mason University.  In their presentation for the CIO, they summarized their assessment of the human rights performance of the two funds, which differed in their use of socially responsible investment criteria.  Professor Carey Treado and the entire class greatly appreciated the CIO’s support and encouragement for undergraduate research and the opportunity to discuss their findings with him.   

Pictured from left to right in the front row are Sara Cavallone, Claire Gatz, Nandini Kasibhotla, Harika Nallamala, Tumi Bakare, Abhi Nangunoori, and Carey Treado. Pictured in the back row are Jeffer Choudhry, Mi’kiihl Plunkett, Ameesh Ahluwalia, Umesh Venkatesh, James Keller, Saharsh Talwar, Jose de los Rios, and Scott Larkin