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Kiera Ledermann

  • Harvey S. Cohen Undergraduate Research Fellow

Kiera is a senior majoring in economics, minoring in philosophy, and pursuing a certificate in sustainability. She is interested in using behavioral economics to fight climate change.

In March 2023, Kiera shared with us what the Cohen Research Award has meant to her, and for her interest in the field:

One of the greatest things the Cohen Fellowship has granted me is the opportunity to understand how the principles I have learned in an academic setting apply to real experiments. Since joining PEEL, I have had the opportunity to assist graduate students with projects and assist faculty with testing experiments. These experiences have given me invaluable insights into the elements which make experiments successful, as well as those which prevent experiments from succeeding. They have also enabled me to see research at different stages, which has allowed me to more fully understand both the processes behind research and the places where ideas for research projects originate. Being aware of these aspects of research has expanded my understanding about what can be accomplished through research–more specifically, the kinds of knowledge research can create. This has inspired me to think about planning my own projects I hope to someday execute. In addition to providing me with these experiences, this fellowship has facilitated interactions which have allowed me to build meaningful relationships with faculty and graduate students. These relationships, in conjunction with the practical experiences this fellowship has provided me have expanded both my passion for research and my interest in pursuing research after graduation.