Welcome New Faculty

Claire Duquennois joins the Department after finishing her PhD at the University of California at Berkeley. Her research is in labor and development economics, and focuses on how poverty influences behavior and economic decision making.




Svetlana Kosterina joins the Department after completing her PhD in Political Economy at Princeton University. A microeconomist, Svetlana’s research studies how agents think about information and the consequences this has for persuasion, experimentation, and voting behavior.




Mahrad Sharifvaghefi is an econometrician. His work develops methods to deal with high-dimensional problems, in which the researcher observes many characteristics for each economic agent, and needs to consider the interactions between an overwhelming number of characteristics. Mahrad completed his PhD at the University of Southern California.



Yiru Wang joins the Economics Department by way of Universitat Pompeau Fabra and the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. Yiru is an econometrician, whose research devises new ways to statistically test empirical models of the macroeconomy.