Women in Economics - Undergraduate Student Organization

Many economic classes, whether in the business school or the school of arts and sciences, are filled to the brim with men. More often than not, there are just a few women sprinkled in each of these classes. Women in Economics (WIE) at the University of Pittsburgh is a club that aspires to bring together these women and promote them while they are in school and prepare them for the outside world when they graduate. The main goal of WIE is to promote women in the field of economics through providing resources, aid, and support to ensure success. We hope to create a club with a wide range of abilities and a friendly environment, where female students can find a friend or study buddy. This is especially important with all classes conducted through Zoom, where it is extremely difficult to get to know fellow peers. In the future, we hope to have networking events, resume workshops, and panelists come in.

Although this semester is hindered due to Covid-19, we still plan to host events virtually. We will host alumni panelists in big companies and start-ups. We will have networking events to provide students with experience networking with faculty and professionals around Pittsburgh. We will hold study hours around midterms and finals times and will continue the past trend of having graduate students present on their research.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the promotion of women in economics. For example, one of our board members studies microbiology on the pre-med track and would like to explore the economic side of pharmaceuticals. Our membership is only limited in the aspect that members must be students of Pitt.

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Written by Mallika Matharu, the President of Women in Economics. Mallika is a sophomore studying in economics and statistics with an interest in developmental economics.