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Summer Math Camp

Admitted students start the PhD program with an intensive three-credit pass/fail math class. This class begins three weeks prior to the start of regular fall classes and meets daily. Students are encouraged to review relevant materials ahead of time to prepare for this course.  

Intro to Mathematical Methods (Econ 3001)

This course focuses on the mathematical tools necessary for graduate studies and research in economics. The goal is for students to gain a deeper knowledge and of some of the mathematics they need for the courses they will take in the first semester of the PhD program. Topics include methods of proof, sets, functions, cardinality, metric and normed spaces, real numbers, sequences and subsequences, open and closed sets, limits of functions, continuity, monotonicity, compactness, matrices and linear algebra, matrix operations, linear equations, bases, eigenvalues, eigenvectors, quadratic forms, analytic geometry, linear functions, multivariate calculus, gradients, differentiability, chain rule, homogenous functions, unconstrained optima, global and local, inverse function theorem, implicit function theorem, envelope theorem, lines and plans, separating hyperplane theorem. 

An example syllabus can be found here.