Students in Our Research Community

We nurture a thriving research community among graduate students and faculty members. Starting in their second year in our PhD program, students participate in this community through a variety of opportunities year-round.

Brown bags presentations in five different fields—applied microeconomics, experimental, international/development, macroeconomics, and microeconomics—are held weekly or every other week, depending on the term.

As a result of the interaction among students through brown bags, and due to our department's collegial environment, many students become co-authors. During academic year 2013-2014, nine graduate students were co-authoring papers with Pitt faculty members.

Since 2013, under the initiative of Professor Arie Beresteanu, our graduate office has been sponsoring the Pittsburgh Economics Medley (PEM) conference in late spring.

Graduate students have access to our world-class Pittsburgh Experimental Economics Lab (PEEL) to run their experiments.