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Funding for Travel to Conferences

Graduate students are encouraged to participate in external conferences by presenting their research. Small departmental travel grants are available to support travel expenses. Students are also encouraged to apply for non-departmental resources.


Only students who will be presenting their research are eligible to apply for funds. Although priority will be given to students who are preparing for the job market (fourth- or fifth-year students), third-year students are also eligible. Primary advisors will be consulted regarding the quality of the research to be presented at the conference.

Application Process

Students should e-mail the DGS to apply for funding prior to travel.

In order to process the reimbursement the following information will be needed:

  • Program from conference/workshop attended – front cover and page listing your name as a presenter
  • Proof of payment for airfare (if applicable)
  • Boarding passes (if applicable)
  • Proof of payment for conference registration
  • Proof of payment for hotel/lodging
  • Parking and ground transportation (bus, taxi, etc.)

Funds are limited and available on a first-come first-served basis.

Graduate School Resources

The following are also possible source of travel funds for University of Pittsburgh graduate students: